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Song Lists

With a song selection of over 40,000 songs (so far), we will try our best to create the atmosphere and music style that best reflects your tastes and appeal.

We offer music from the 1920's tight through to today's hits.

We belong to a professional music service that provides us with all the latest newest songs. In fact these guys are so good that we have only had to purchase music from a store not more then a dozen times in the last ten years.

Now we understand that your party will have a variety of different ages to satisfy. One of the big bonus's about this company music is the fact that all the music is edited.

We are proud to say that we owe all of the music that we bring to your party.

We can play a certain style all  night long if you are looking for a theme party (for example), we have over 900 songs from the 1950's and that does not include the twist which came out in 1960.

You are more then welcome, in fact we encourage you to give us you favorite 15 songs to that we can incorporate them into the evening itinerary.  Then of course is the opposite if you have certain songs that you do not want us to play please tell us and they will not be played, no mater how many times the best man comes up and says that this song is the groom's favorite song and he will be dancing on the table to it.

We have been asked by people if we carry polkas, schottische and old time waltz's. yes we are proud to say we have quite a selection of older music as well as knowing how to do these dances. 


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